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International Day for Women in Maritime: Towards a more successful and progressive maritime industry

On International Day for Women in Maritime, Dane Treasure, a third year marine engineering cadet at Caribbean Maritime University, writes on how she draws inspiration in what remains a heavily male-dominated industry.

Females have always been a minority in the maritime industry. Besides, many are still of the belief that maritime is a man’s world and females have no business there.

In recent years, there has been a gradual shift in attitudes and a growing recognition of women’s contributions in the maritime industry. More females are breaking the barriers and excelling in various roles in the industry. This progress not only highlights the push towards gender inclusivity in the sector but also that females are equally capable and deserving of opportunities in this field.

As a future marine engineer, I draw inspiration from women who have defied societal expectations and are making their mark in maritime. Their successes prove that our gender should never be a hindrance to pursuing our passions and aspirations. It motivates me to continue striving for excellence in my chosen field regardless of people thinking that it may not be my “right fit” because of my gender.

I believe that women play a key role in every industry as we bring unique perspectives and strengths. The maritime industry is no different. Promoting gender equality, fosters innovation, collaboration and problem-solving, which leads to a more successful and progressive maritime industry. This also serves as an inspiration to future generations of women to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Females are vital to the development of the maritime industry.

As a future marine engineer, I am proud to be part of this positive change and I look forward to a future where gender is no longer a determining factor in one’s career prospects within the maritime industry or any industry at that.

As we celebrate this year’s International Day for Women in Maritime, let us all be inspired by the continued success of women in maritime.

Women in maritime can!

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